[s-cars] found out car's history--pretty cool

Chad Hall outex at charter.net
Thu Jan 2 16:07:10 EST 2003

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Happy New Year to everyone!  I just talked with the previous and only other=
 owner of my 95 S6 today and I came away pretty impressed/jealous with my c=
ar's original buyer.  Seems that back in '95 his company purchased 5 or 6 S=
6's (he wasn't certain) for company cars!!  He also campaigned several 911'=
s across the country (Mid-Ohio, Atlanta, etc) as well as twice running my c=
ar at these tracks.  The reason for my call to him was to confirm the type =
of replacement clutch he installed before I took delivery @ 71,000 miles.  =
His answer was he never touched the clutch:  after my constant flogging ove=
r the past 20k miles it still holds incredibly well and it's STOCK AND ORIG=
INAL!!  I was preparing to replace his choice with the same because I was s=
o happy with it, now I'm just confused why the stock clutch has held up so =
well.  BTW, he said that his current daily driver is a new S6 Avant but at =
an Audi dealer out of state he is first in line  for THE NEW RS6!!!!!!!  I =
wonder if he would adopt me?

Chad Hall


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