[s-cars] sunroof control trim

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Wed Jan 8 21:11:47 EST 2003

BTDT with the epoxy this summer.
Severe heat loosened 2 of the clips on mine.
I scuffed and clean the metal , and then used liberal amounts of epoxy.
One side held , the other didn't. I tried numerous times but always popped
My solution was to use some "PL Premium " construction adhesive. Sets up in
about an hour, as with any glue job.. needs to be clamped.

It's been 6 months and it's still up there.
Hot test has passed, now we try the cold test...

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> This seems to be another of those common problems.  My console started to
> flop down a couple of months ago and I recall seeing Dave Freed's car
> the same problem this summer.  The clips are normally held in by two pegs
> from the console that go through mating holes in the clips and are then
> melted over.  Because of this I doubt that Audi will have clips available
> separately and will force you to buy a new cover.  If you can't find the
> clip (mine was, and is, still up there rattling around) the other
> alternative is go scrounging through the junkyard.  Any '92-'97 100/A6
> do if you just want the clip, and if you find one that matches your
> that's all the better.
> I plan on using some epoxy to hold the clip in.  There is enough of the
> original pegs remaining to locate the clip and then it's just a matter of
> gooping some epoxy over the top.  I'll take care of this someday.  Right
> I've got more important things to do, like getting rid of all the ice dams
> on my house so I can stop the water from coming in through the windows and
> walls.
> Bob (taking a break from raking 2ft of snow from my roof standing on top
> a 24ft ladder resting on iced over gutters) R.
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> > Anyone know where I can get more metal clips, my sunroof console flopped
> > yesterday while in a succesion of accelerating and cornering
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> > brett
> > 94 Urs4
> > wishing for snow...
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