[s-cars] no heat follow up

William Perron w_perron at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 9 06:32:56 EST 2003

I would second Gary's recommendation to check the
temperature regulation flap motor.  This caused a no
heat condition in my car as well this past september.
It is located under the plastic drain tray, driver's
side of the car.  You can see the white linkages this
flap motor controls on the passenger side.  Have
someone cycle the temp up and down inside the car
while you watch for linkage movement. For replacement,
you will need to remove the water drip tray,wiper
arms, trim piece at base of windshield and I think you
have to remove the actual wiper motor linkage assembly
to get enough clearance to get to the motor.

Before doing any of that, check the codes in the
climate control diagnostics.

When my temp flap failed it was throwing code 8.3 and

-Bill Perron
'85 4kq
'95.5 S6 Avant

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