[s-cars] how do you reset radio code

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 My owners manual says you get 2 tries to enter the code. If you don't get it
done in the 2 tries the radio will lock up for one hour. It says to leave it
on for the hour. The procedure on my '93 is: Hold the FM1 and AM buttons
simultaniously until 1000 appears in the display. Then you can enter the code
by pushing station buttons 1-4. The first digit will be a one or blank. You
set the numbers by pressing the button until you get to the correct number.
Button one is for the first digit, two for the second etc. When you have the
right number entered press the FM1 and AM buttons (together) again and hold
them down until the radio shows a station in the display.

Chad Tobin

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<< Hi,
    I changed the battery in my wifes 95 S-6 Avant today and I can't figure
 out how to reset the radio from its safe mode. I have the code # and I
 figured out how to get it to the screen to type it in but don't know what to
 hit after I type the number in. On top of that it only let me try twice and
 now it must be in its next stage of safe mode because I can't even get the
 screen to come on to type the numbers in now. HELP

 Elijah >>

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