[s-cars] Re: WRX (was NAC, but more turbo content)

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 13:24:00 EST 2003

A lot of the questions about WRX tuning have to do not
with getting the power (that's simple), but keeping it
reliable.  Via word of mouth, I believe at least one
WRX blew its motor on a road course track this past
year.  It's all about the engine management.  A friend
has gone through a block or two with his Gen 2 Talon
TSi with a batch of bad gas + boost controller +
piggyback fuel computer + no talent whatsoever in
hearing a ping.  It's all about the MoTec.  :-)
As for the wing on the STi, look at the previous STi's
and especially 22B's.  Break out the spatula and the
griddle folks, cause we have a heaping plateful of
rice for the kiddies.

--- HoosierMP at aol.com wrote:
> Bill, I have an 02 WRX "avant" and am in the process
> of installing a TXS
> stage IV kit with a large top mount IC and catless
> 3" exhaust. These cars
> make 300 reliable whp on 93 octane with about 16 psi
> boost. This is with the
> user programmable UTEC piggy back engine management
> system. We are talking
> 12.70's @109 in the 1/4. There are dozens of guys
> running this set up with no
> problems.
> The styling will never compare with my A4, but you
> can't have everything. I
> am especially disappointed with the rice boy wing on
> the new Sti.
> Richard
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