[s-cars] Removing Springs/Strut **Without** removing Strut/wheel bearing Housing

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> Removing Springs/Strut **Without** removing Strut/wheel bearing Housing

I just changed the springs and shocks (Bilstein/Eibach) on my S6. I too had
thought I could remove the springs without removing the strut.  I tried but
there was just not enough room around the spring for the spring compressor I
was using.  I suspect, however,  there are more compact compressors that
allowe removing the springs with the struts in place.

Removing the struts was not all that bad - probably no more than an
additional 30 minutes per side.  In my case, one CV-joint boot needed
replacement anyway so some of the effort was amortized.  While I had
everything apart I was able to clean the underside, frame and strut and touch
up the paint so all was not lost.

Be sure you have a supply of the 'always replace' nuts and bolts. It is
amazing how many are involved there.

Why do you wish to repack the CV Joints?  To do so, you will essentially be
doing a boot replacement and Audi gets $54 for an outer  boot kit.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

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