[s-cars] Removing Springs/Strut **Without** removing Strut/wheel

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Thu Jan 16 21:55:07 EST 2003

Earlier, Mark Pollan wrote:
>  ...    I probably just opened a whole new bikini thread with that one.
> Hey a four ring bikini, kinda like this OooO, where the two small rings hold
> the large rings together and the larger rings, ah crap never mind.

Ooooo ...  Mark's getting kinky here!

> As far as the repacking, I was thinking of just pushing a few ccs in under
> the boot after busting off the clamp.  Not a full repack per se but...

Is this silicon packing you are proposing?  Strange names you are
using for pieces parts there, though ...

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