[s-cars] speaking of RS6s...

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I got to sit in one at the dealer's showroom , but he laughed when I asked about a ride ........  What was it like ....? ?   .......Stephen Redford  '85urq u.s.model
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> I am off to AZ next week for the north american press intro for the RS6
> & neu S4 / S4 Avant (after catching a little Barrett Jackson Scottsdale
> actionnay).
> There will be some Audi and q GmbH honchos on hand, so if any of you
> have any questions pass them along and I'll get them answered.
> As to old man status, well I'm all of 32, although I'll be damned if a
> dose of smooth eloquence doesn't make me seem a little more mature than
> some of you earlier models. I guess I'm just an old soul as I like my
> long wheelbase sedans and my AWD twin turbo wagons as much as I like my
> Graham's '77 and my Montecristo #2s.
> That being said, I am excited to get behind the wheel of the RS6, again,
> to see how it compares to my June drive. If your definition of old man
> car includes putting your (and the four other passangers) head(s) into
> the seat everytime you dip into the throttle, well then, where do I sign
> up son?
> Don't forget, Ace, I've driven RS4s, both across the pond (stock) and
> here in the states (modified). Phenomenal car, it is just tough to beat
> 413 lb-ft of torque at 1,950 RPM, and most of the high horsepower RS4s
> have eschewed stump pullin' for bahn burnin'.
> To be honest, Sport, I've driven breathed on B5 S4s that had every bit
> of the RS4s top end, but with far more pleasing low-end grunt.
> As to when the RS6 makes it to my garage? Depends on if the dealer tries
> to charge me a stupid tax, I mean premium. If so, I'll probably wait out
> the forthcoming RS4 (another prime stupid tax candidate), or look into
> importing an RS6 Avant at some point (Nasdaq 3,000, please?). Until
> then, I'll continue to drive my ten year old, four door, old man's car,
> just like you.
> As an aside, after driving a lot of new cars lately I've gotten more
> than a I bargained for. The itch for something newer, tighter, lighter
> and more lithe than my UrS4. After driving the 350Z track for a week, it
> sure got me wondering why I've been driving around in a relatively
> nondescript foor door sedan the past five years?
> We now return to your regularly scheduled youngin' programming.
> Frank at s-cars.org
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