[s-cars] CT sighting(s)

Paul Krasusky KrasuskyP at FirstInterBank.com
Fri Jan 17 09:02:13 EST 2003

Damn am I seeing these things all over this area lately.

Me in HOV lane 84W 8:15 a.m. in Vernon, CT in my "emerald" UrS6, (though
it's more like a nasty shade of salty white).  And of COURSE I had a
passenger with me ;-).  You stuck in heavy suckertraffic in a silver UrS4,
stock, NJ tags.  Lister?

Funny, not .1 mile in front of you was fellow lister Rich A. in his Coupe
GT, also stuck in suckertraffic.  Did you see him Rich?  See me?  Do'ah for
you, stuck in traffic.  Funnier, I passed no less than TWO Statey's while in
HOV lane... good thing they saw my "passenger"...

Yesterday, an emerald (go figure) UrS4 mit rear wing / A4 1.8t 15s on it
pulled under my building here in sunny Hartford.  Like a dork, I waved.  I
was talking to a non listerdude in a black UrS6 as you pulled in.  Lister?

Then last week there is you, in your Silver UrS4 I've seen in town in
Tolland before, I flashed / beeped you as I passed you in the Electric Blue
parking lot (hey, can't help if they just moved my packy to that plaza!).
You looked at me like I had seven heads.  I'm assuming a nonlister?

-P in CT mit many sightings lately
'95 //S6 emerald, but mit several inches of white salt "cloaking device"
'58 TR3A mit da bears and mices

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