[s-cars] RE: Intrax/Koni suspension GP vs. H&R/Bilstein Sport

Walsh, Edward edward.walsh at agedwards.com
Wed Jan 22 15:47:55 EST 2003


My first S car was a 92, so I can offer a comparo.

- The ride/compliancy is Very Very similar.  The Intrax/bilstein gets a + in
the overall stiffness and a - in overall ride (the setup tends to "pogo
stick" a little at xway speeds - i.e. moves the jelly on the belly).

James, if you scrape with 92 springs, you'll high center with Intrax.  I
have a picture of my 92 S4.  This is with Eibach 1529.140 springs:

http://photos.yahoo.com/rundeep_32     IIRC, there are also 2 pics at the
old Yahoo site under "files" - The poster is me "rundeep_32" and I think the
file is "S4 with A6 V8 Rims".  One of the pics is at street level.  Sorry,
my work firewall won't let my access the yahoo groups.....

Paul K - Is this the car you saw in NH?

Regards, Ed

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How are the Eibachs and Intrax compared to 92' springs? What about the H &

I have a 92 and scrape a lot here in Seattle, but I do want to lower the car

for some new wheels (17 or 18's). Anyone with a 92 w/ lowered springs and
have pics available? I think there's a green S4 with the Intrax, but his
looks like a muscle car, slammed in front but stock look in back.


92' S4

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