[s-cars] Re: I5 Block heater - long followup report

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Fri Jan 24 08:21:46 EST 2003

Scott -

Thanks for the foot work & write up.  Do I assume the magnetic units are
designed to slap on the oil pan?  If so, any suggestion where the magnetic
heater should go if we have aluminum oil pans?

Some place other than the poop, I hope :-)


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~Ok boys here's the poop...


~KAT and Zerostart are the two manufactures of magnetic mount type heaters -
~Balkamp, echlin and puruit brand names appear identical, guessing private
~label.  They come in a variety of sizes, the two most common are 200w and
~NAPA carries the zerostart brand under their echlin banner, and is a stock
~warehouse item, but they only show the 200w unit available.  The KAT brand
~(Fivestar Manufacturing) has both a 200w unit (same as the ZS in size and
~design), as well as the 300w unit.  Most autopart stores can get
~it same day.
~The 300w unit is K1160.  My apologies in advance for v8 quattro guys, not
~sure where you'd mount it.
~Scott Justusson
~All hot and not bothered for steamboat

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