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William Noland wenoland at pacbell.net
Sat Jan 25 07:16:27 EST 2003

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Lee -
Unfortunately have never BTDT. As I mentioned, the noise from mine was
intermittent and it has been quiet for months. (Don't fix it, if it
ain't broke.) One test might be to cover the inlet vent on the dash,
when you hear the squeal, with your thumb and see if that's where the
noise is coming from. That's my plan, should the noise start back up
(and, since we're discussing this on the list, it probably will -- funny
how that works). As far as repair procedures go, I'd need to pull out
the Bentley manual. The fact that the noise doesn't vary with fan speed,
seems to point to this CC fan, don't you think? As I remember, my squeal
didn't vary with fan speed either. The only way to stop it was to shut
off the fan completely, which probably shut down the CC fan, too.


Lee Levitt wrote:

>Bill writes:
>>Are you sure it's the heater fan? Does the noise vary with the fan
>>speed. Reason I ask, is that the miniature fan that draws cabin air in
>>for climate control purposes sometimes makes noise on my 94 S4. Fan
>>pulls air though the tiny dash vent to measure the temp. Happens very
>>rarely and hasn't happened in a long time, but, first time I heard it, I
>>thought the heater fan was going. Varying the fan speed had no effect on
>>the noise, but turning things off completely stopped the sound. Might
>>check this out prior to major surgery.
>Nope, I'm not sure. The sound does not vary with fan speed.
>Should I just assume that it's the primary fan and go ahead, or is there a
>way to diagnose which fan it is?
>'95.5 S6 avant
>'96 A6 quattro avant


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