[s-cars] RE: Mandrel Bend Confusion (LAC)

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at trw.com
Mon Jan 27 17:27:48 EST 2003

My best edumicated guess is that increasing the alcohol content of the high pressure "water" stream will improve the efficiency of the bend, however increasing the alcohol content of the operator may decrease the efficiency of the bend.
 (latter theory not applicable for anywhere in  WV or in German Car Factories, and is excessively cost prohibitive in Arctic Sweden).

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>>> Charlie Smith <charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org> 15:45:28 27.01.2003 >>>
Earlier, Keith Maddock wrote:
> Just make sure you're not confusing it with a "Mendel Bend",
> which is only achieved by injecting a high pressure water stream
> into the pipe while working it...

Does this liquid require a high alcohol content?

- Charlie

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