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Frederic -

How many miles on the car?  You may want to consider running a leak down
test before pulling the heads off, (a) to set a current baseline on engine
condition; and (b) open your self to second guessing if the head is coming
off anyway, .... what else might I what to consider doing?

i.e. with a overheating suspected in the past, you may want a qualified
machine shop to double check the heads to be "straight" etc. (i.e. not
warped) by the experience etc.  Then you can get exotic, new valves, valve
seats, multi angle  valve jobs, to port or not to port etc., etc.  I've been
told each of side of the 4 valve per cylinder 8 heads are look very much
like the older individual 2.0 liter VW 4 cylinder single heads.

A word of warning, this is exactly one of the mistakes Hap made, & he hasn't
been able to rein himself in yet.... & he has on 5/8ths the engine you do


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~On Behalf Of Frederic L'Huillier
~I don't know about you but as people who love their cars, we have the
~super good week ends when we have fun, meet great people and have great
~time. Unfortunately there are the other week ends when you hear only bad
~news regarding your car.
~I will classified yesterday and the day before in my really bad week
~ends. Saturday while changing the oil, I discovered with a friend that
~one of the two headgasket is about to broke (right english term) by
~founding some dirt in the coolant tank. Obviously, I will take that
~(unfortunate) opportunity to change both before it get worst.
~Any hint, tips or trick regarding changing headgasket on an audi (V8)
~engine is very welcome. Any other things that I need to do while the
~engine is open, except the belt which was changed 6 months ago.
~PS: I believe the headgasket failure is mainly due to a catalyst
~converter failure last year. I believe an increase in temperature on one
~side of the engine dammaged the headgasket.

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