[s-cars] There are those week ends....

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Tue Jan 28 08:54:33 EST 2003

I see some refer your car as "the oilburner".........

But seriously you should consider to check the valve guides and stem-packings
on the cylinder head while it is off. Usually the oilconsumption is either
from the cylinderwalls to the combustion chamber or thru the valvestem due to
eccesive wear. You can check this by looking for any carbon-deposits on the
intakevalves in the intake area.

Reg Joern

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>I don't know about you but as people who love their cars, we have the
>super good week ends when we have fun, meet great people and have great
>time. Unfortunately there are the other week ends when you hear only bad
>news regarding your car.
>I will classified yesterday and the day before in my really bad week
>ends. Saturday while changing the oil, I discovered with a friend that
>one of the two headgasket is about to broke (right english term) by
>founding some dirt in the coolant tank. Obviously, I will take that
>(unfortunate) opportunity to change both before it get worst.
>Any hint, tips or trick regarding changing headgasket on an audi (V8)
>engine is very welcome. Any other things that I need to do while the
>engine is open, except the belt which was changed 6 months ago.
>PS: I believe the headgasket failure is mainly due to a catalyst
>converter failure last year. I believe an increase in temperature on one
>side of the engine dammaged the headgasket.
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