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Varon H. Fugman vfugman at globaldialog.com
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On a 15 mile drive tonight (outside 33F), my oil temp went up to the 2nd
tick (i.e. the tick with no marking between 60C and 130C.)  This is normal
for winter driving.  In summer, mine usually hovers 1/2 way between the 2nd
tick and the 130C tick, at least on a long drive.  Gets up to 130C only when
pushing the car hard in warm weather.

The urS is certainly is delightful car, and the various interior electronics
work so... well, intelligently.

And with good winter tires on all four corners it becomes a regular
snowmobile on snowy city streets.  Nothing like hitting the diff lock for a
fast lanuch from a light, leaving all the SUVs a block behind!

Instant up windows... say, is that a '95 or a '95.5?

'95 urS6 w/o instant up windows

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Hello all.  Just wondering what my oil temp gauge should be reading (95 S6).
It barely moves off the peg on the left on my 15 mile commute to work.
After a longer drive, it rises a little bit, so it does move, but never very

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying getting to know my Christmas present to myself.
It's the coolest, most fun car I've ever been in, let alone drive. The neat
little things it does are still surprising me, like how the climate control
works and how it seems to vary itself as the temperature rises toward the
setting. The instant up windows, how the interior lights work, etc...  It's
just a very cool car.  Slid my way home last night in the snow, then ordered
some snows this morning through my auto doctor.  I'm really looking forward
to going up to the UP in Michigan and playing in the snow this coming month.
Also looking forward to warmer weather (June around here), when I can more
comfortably work on the stuff I want to change or fix.  In the meantime, I'm
having a blast!!

John in snowy Chicago

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