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Thu Jan 30 21:44:29 EST 2003

Tom Green beckoned:

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Serious?  Marble Hill?, or did you just have a business trip to
Atlanta?  Man, didn't you ever see Deliverance?  Stay out of those N
Georgia hills, even with Tom S for a guide. Unless you're staying at
Chateau Elan in Braselton and convoying to petit lemans at Road
Atlanta. Or visiting Kim Basinger, but I don't think she is in town.
They just invaded Tom's place a few weeks ago.  Probably been back to
get those sweeet jackstands.  Just waited for him to take the car off
them :-)

Tom, not touring through the Chattahoochee.

Yep, I gun-donn stay-ed down over der with Mister Tom dis past weekend I
did, ya hear.  Had us some possum 'n grits, shiiiiiiit.

Yes, business trip.  Yes, stayed with the Hospitible Mr. Saltino.  Yes,
he played tour guide.  Yes, his car is beochin.  Yes, his GTI is still
on jackstands 8-).

While Tom does live deepin dahearta the northern hills there, gots to
say, BOY does he get to enjoy some nice roads to burn around on.  Just
gotta be sure to wave @ every car that passes by, that one I can't get
over! Mighty friendly folk I say.

-Paul now home from work with f'n headcold from hell so don't respond to
wife's address K. (Tom, you kissin me in my sleep or someptin?)
'95 //S6 not as cool as Tom's...  yet.
'58 TR3A not on jackstands

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