[s-cars] 1st gear...

bob.rossato at att.net bob.rossato at att.net
Tue Jul 1 00:04:14 EDT 2003

> Blame me?  I DARE ya to!  Pansy!
> If you *did*, you'd then move on to install that FRIGGIN CRB you have
> sitting there collecting dust.  You prolly use it as an f'n end table,
> whatwith you having the bachelor pad and all.  Matches that Stromung you'=

> artistically hung on your living room wall, and them Big Black Book Ends =
> gots.
> You just thought mine sounded so cool and now I had something you didn't,
> for once, that you felt compelled to join me.  Poser.
> -P my name's not Pizzo so I DIDN'T break it K.
> CT

I haven't quite dug my way through the rest of the crap in my garage to get=
 to the CRB to make it into a coffee table yet.  I recall seeing a big crat=
e against the wall at some point.  Besides, I still need to get that V8 Tor=
sen rear differential and a shortened carbon fibre driveshaft from the Coup=
e quattro to tie the two together and make a nice long coffee table with a =
glass top.  That will look sweet.  The Stromung is being used as a dryer ou=
tlet pipe.  It was just the right height and the downpipe made a nice 90 de=
g transition to my outside wall from my basement.  Yes I know I'm flowing t=
hrough it backwards which will have the purists on the list all in a tizzy,=
 but I'm telling you, it makes a big difference in how quickly the clothes =
dry.  And it sure looks purdy.  Great upgrade IMHO.  I finally got the RS2 =
turbo and exhaust manifold grafted to the lawnmower this weekend.  It took =
a little bit of work but boy does that sucker fly now.  I can hardly keep u=
p walking behind it.


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