[s-cars] ABS shutting down

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Hmmm....That's a tough one.  I was going to suggest speed sensors that were
too far out from the hub but if it happens before you go anywhere that isn't

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Hey Calvin,

I would have been driving the car around (no lights would come on), stop
the car (turn off the motor and buy a coffee), start the car back up,
the warning lights will be on.  Even if I stay parked (motor running) or
drive around, the lights will not go out.  It's only when I shut the car
off and let it cool down (hood open) for at least 30 minutes, then the
system is back to normal when I restart the engine.

Thanks again

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> Does the car move before the ABS light comes on or is it
> stationary? --Calvin
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> Curious if anyone else has had this happen.
> When I head out and go for a drive and the outside
> temperature hits ~28 c (82 f) no problems.  However if turn
> the car off (arrived at Home Depot), when I start up the car
> again the ABS & brake light are on.  If I stop the car, open
> the hood and let it cool down for about 30 minutes, then
> start it up, the ABS & brake light are off (most of the time).
> Had the local Audi dealer check into it (when it was not
> occurring) and there are/were no faults showing.  Again, this
> is temperature related as it only happens when the outside
> temp is above 25 c (77 f).  I took some quick temperature
> readings when this was happening:
>   - hood closed, air conditioning on, cooling system
> functioning properly, oil and water temps are normal
>   - go for about a 15 kms drive (9 miles) of moderate city
> driving (to Home Depot)
>   - outside temp 28-30 c (82-86 f)
>   - temperature near the ABS unit 77 c (170 f)
>   - ABS shuts down
> Letting the system cool down and the engine compartment
> temperature drops to about 43 c (110 f), the warning lights
> will then go out.
> Thoughts????
> Robin
> 96S6
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