[s-cars] Turbo boost installation T fitting

serge serge411 at speakeasy.org
Thu Jul 3 23:05:53 EDT 2003

on 7/3/03 5:43 PM, Twobro12 at aol.com at Twobro12 at aol.com wrote:

> Ok, installing this boost gauge is a pain in the ass.  I am trying to tap in
> the boost line to the ECU, but i cant find a 1/8 inch T fitting anywhere
> (autozone, home depot).  what size is the boost line to the ECU?  what set-up
> (T fitting size) do i need to buy and where can i find it?  thanks
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Go to



and a couple feet of 5958K12

Make sure you use plenty of Teflon tape.
Serge Filanovsky

95 S6 Avant

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