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Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Sun Jul 13 21:31:56 EDT 2003

Many years ago I went out to LotusLand for my brother's wedding. To kill
some time I was helping his future father-in-law (a licensed aircraft
mechanic) do a valve job on a Lycoming engine. As I was grinding the seats I
noticed a crack running between the intake and exhaust seats on one
cylinder. I pointed it out to Joe, and he said it was OK - because the
engine was obsolete and parts were no longer available, cracks below a
certain size were "approved". This gave me a whole new perspective on
aircraft engine maintenance!
One bonus - no leaking coolant to worry about!

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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This is very interesting, because cracks bewtween the seats are very common,
and Audi/Bentley even has service liturature basically essentially saying
unless they are of a certain size  "don't worry, theses are normal".   I
haven't looked, but I do not believe there is a coolant passage directly
above this area, so unless you are 100% convinced this is your problem, I
would have the head pressure tested.   Just because there are cracks between
the seats, and you are loosing coolant, I think it could be an expensive
mistake to conclude that you have found the problem.  You might not need a
new head after all.

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Thanks for all the help regarding my cracked head and how to adapt the 3B
head.  Since it appears that this has spiked some discussion, I will add to
it.  The crack in my head was between the intake valve seats on #3 cylinder,
not one know for cooling issues.  The car has an MTM stage 1 chipset and
Stebro exhaust.  I do not track the car but drive it like it meant to be
driven with enthusiasm. The car has 130K and has never been overheated since
I have owned it.  I have noticed the coolant loss for several weeks now and
had begun to smell it in the exhaust when stopped with the widows open.
>From what I am reading this is not the usual place to see a crack.
I do not subscribe to this list because I cant check my email on a regular
basis, but I appreciate all the help I receive when I post a question.
Thanks again.

Paul Triggiani
' 94 S-4
' 99 A-6
' 86 4K turbo conversion
' 92 80 Quattro
' 88 80
' 90 100

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