[s-cars] MTM vs. Samco Hoses

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Dave et al,

The MTM hose sold by Hoppen/Anderson is made by Venair in Germany.  It is a
silicone hose encased by an emulsified, corded wrap.  It is, in fact,
stronger than the Samco or SFS or their equivalent.  If you look inside the
hose, you will note that it is the same silicone material used by Samco or
SFS.  The hose is also much tighter fitting over the turbo outlet than the
Samco.  It is warranted for life by MTM/Hoppen/Anderson.


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Other than the fact that the MTM hoses cost significantly more, here are my
thoughts.  I have an MTM x-over to IC hose, and it looks pretty weak
comparatively to the Samco counterpart.  It isn't a silicon piece either.
It is some
sort of woven fabric/rubber piece.  I would choose the Samco given the
However, I did buy mine used (in desparation, due to the lack of Samco
availability), and it has not failed on a high boost application (RS2

Also, AFAIK, MTM does not offer the IC to TB hose either.
Dave in CO
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