[s-cars] RE: Errors after CV R&R

Rich Dauenhauer rdauenhauer at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 28 09:41:29 EDT 2003

Well thanks all who responed, after pulling the sensor
it showed a little sign of abrasion, but cleaned all
and slapped it back, and all is right with the world.
Now ready for that journey 5Hrs in 90 degree temps to
Spokane to suffer an agonizing two days with the
inlaws & thier relatives...come to think about it,
maybe it is sorta acting up ;)

Suffering in Seattle

----- Original Message -----
> Well I got dirty and R&R'ed a torn outer CV boot on
> the drivers side stub axle today. Wasnt too bad,
> Thanks Scott at SJM for the parts and Al Swackhammer
> for the moral support. One problem did arise on the
> test drive, after a couple o miles the brake and ABS
> lites lit! Where do I start as I dont posses a
> VAG-COM. Isnt there supposed to be a way do get
> code from  dash of somthing to help troubleshoot?
> I referanced my new Bently on CD but am pretty
> disapointed with this thing (Perhaps I just need to
> use it more)? Any suggestions on whats up. Did I
> the ABS sensor pulling the axle?
> Rich 95.5 T-Red S6 Avant
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