[s-cars] Front Bumper Removal

Charlie Smith charlie at elektro.cmhnet.org
Tue Jun 3 23:28:18 EDT 2003

Earlier, Sean Douglas wrote:
> I'm planning on doing my t-belt soon and I've studied urs4.com, and I
> can't figure out how to get the bumper off.

It's easy.  I just did it.

You find a high curb with an edge on it, and park with the nose of
your car over the curb.  If the heights are right, when you back
up, you will remove the bumper!  *presto*!

The rest of my comments have to do with putting the bumper back ON.

> This is the instructions:
> 2. Remove the bumper grill strips - centre one first, end ones after.
> Remove the temp sensor behind the license plate holder and unclip the
> wire.
> Where are the fasteners for this?

They are evident when you look.

> 3. Remove the front bumper - 5 Phillips head screws securing each wheel
> well flap to the wheel well liner and two hex-head bumper bolts. Unclip
> the bumper ends by pushing down and pulling out on the top and then
> unclipping the bottom. If you pull straight out you'll be there for a
> long time (there's 30 minutes gone). Pull the ends down to clear the
> wheel well and pull the bumper straight off from the front.
> Where are the hex-head bumper bolts?

These bolts are screwed up into the bottom of the leading edge of the
bumper.  All you can see is two 1/2" holes in the bumper ...  the bolts
are WAY up in there, use a long 5mm (or maybe 6mm) allen wrench, and you
will feel the wrench go into the bolt heads.

After you get these two bolts out, the bumper will pull forward and
off the car.  The back ends will pull out of the clip-holders that
support these back ends.

> 4. Remove the right side upper bumper trim and the front upper bumper
> trim.(10 mm socket, Phillips screwdriver).
> Where are the fasteners for this?

The trim I removed to get the headlights out was only held in place with
a small phillips screw.  You can see it at the inner end of the trim.
To get the headlight washer off, grab it and pull it way out.  Take the
cover off, and then you can work the trip strip off over the spray head.

    - Charlie

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