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Clayton Howes linksvu at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 4 12:18:50 EDT 2003

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Two weeks ago, I had a problem with my truck lock.  So I took it out, opened
it up, cleaned it a bit, tries to make it work smoother, and then but it back.
As I walk up to my trunk yesterday, the lock was inset a bit and now it will
not open.  It will lock and unlock with the rest of the car, but it seems I
cannot push it in far enough to pop it open.

Anyone out there have any idea how I can somehow pop the truck so I can try
and fix the lock again as well as get the stuff I have back there out?  While
I am at it, does someone maybe have a good working trunk lock lying around.  I
am not sure yet, but I may need to replace it.

Thank for all of your help....
CT "The Clutch" Howes

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