[s-cars] re: 02 sensor

Bill Mahoney wmahoney at disk.com
Thu Jun 5 15:36:18 EDT 2003

I believe the white powder is uhmmm 
silicone caused by some oil,
contaminants or yep leaded gas.  (but that leaded was great while it
lasted)  Prolly what my kitty now looks like too.  Car should just run
better smoother etc I think.
I would like to splice in the other end of the bosch generic there so
that future changes would just be plug n play but dont know what its
called or where it may be obtained.
I left the sisters house in cos cob like 6:30 Sunday AM and it was
pouring rain still after pouring all night.  Manoman
Plane left ok at 8 AM  ..nice!   I was home for a nap by 10:30.
Bill m
95 ½ Avant - in warm n sunny Chgo
75 Carrera - passing emissions yesterday since they couldn’t find the

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