[s-cars] 1993 S4 Stereo Radio/Cass with 10 disc

Bjørn Ødegård beernuts at online.no
Tue Jun 10 14:03:22 EDT 2003

Strange, I have the same 'problem' in my '92 S4, even with a newer JVC
CD/radio (I ditched the old Gamma since it hadn't any CD changer..) and
in the '96 Cabrio. The Cabrio had a memory backup issue with the new
Sony unit, so I had to switch two of the wires in the plug, and now it
behaves like Bob's Corrado. Since the radio on/lights on-buzzer only
sums when the key is removed, I guess the switch at least is there in
our cars also, but I don't know if it's just a matter of changing the
two wires..
Even if 'it's supposed to be like that', I think the auto on/off feature
is smart, and then you don't have to wear out the radio's on/off-switch

Bjorn :o)
'92 S4
'96 Cabrio (hers)
+3 other cars with automatic radio

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Anyone know off hand how to get the head unit (radio/cass) out of the
dash?  The guy I bought the car from replaced the stereo with the a new
factory unit and he wired it directly to the battery, instead of the
right way.  So now I have to turn it off manually each time I stop the
car.  I haven't tried to get it out yet.  I was hoping someone had an
easy way so I don't go out there and rip the heck out of the dash trying
to get it out.  :-P


Joel Rector

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