[s-cars] SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have seen this before on other cars.  Most of the time it is rings for the
symptoms you describe.  The valve seal thing is usually just a puff of smoke
in the morning when you start it up and does not continue to smoke.  The
questions that come to mind is, are these fresh rings?  If so, are they Moly
rings, and if that's true then did the machine shop do the proper honing job
on the cyclinder walls to seal the harder Moly rings?  I would see if it
gets better with mileage before pulling it apart.

In reference to your lower oil pressure I would say that the clearances are
now looser than they used to be on the bearings, thereby reducing your
pressure.  What is your pressure at idle and 3k rpms?


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Hi all,
 Well, yesterday I got it all back together and fired it up. It ran fine and
then started smoking. I figured the smoke was just oil burning off of the
pistons from putting the new rings on. After the car warmed up the smoke
and the car ran and drove fine. The oil pressure is 1 bar lower than it used
be. Is this caused by the new rods and rod bearings? I drove the car home
about 30 miles and it ran fine. I drove around a little just to put some
miles on
the new stuff. No sign of smoke or anything unusual besides the oil pressure
being low. I went home and shut the car off. Today I went out and started it
up and once again it smoked like crazy. At first the smoke was gray and had
very little smell and then the blue smoke again. I drove it a couple miles
the smoke stopped but when I let off on the gas around 2500 to 3000 rpm a
cloud of blue smoke appears. I drove the car for about 50 miles and only on
deceleration did I get the cloud of smoke. Anyone have any idea's to what
this is.
The head I bought from Hap had new valve seals. Thats all I can think of
since it only does it when I let off on the gas at low rpm. Help!

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