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Fri Jun 13 09:22:44 EDT 2003

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I'm sitting next to lil Hap my 6 1/2 year old grandson who my daughter wisely
named after me at LAX waiting for Denver to open up cause there's a T'storm
overhead. Given the time I thought I'd throw out some observations on recent
upgrades/replacements. First off, you all may remember my recent engagement with
a Denver pothole. I severly damaged one of my beautiful polished TSW Trophy
wheels. These wheels are heavy but I loved their graceful lines. I was unable
to find a replacement so I decided to go with the OZ Chrono Evolutions. Not...
They were not to be found anywhere. I ended up with the even lighter and newly
released silver OZ Superleggeras. I am really happy that the Chronos were not

Speaking of that pothole encounter I'd like to discuss hard vs soft wheels.
My TSWs are a soft wheel and that combined with the 2nd generation 2Bennett
camber/caster plates allowed my suspension to absorb the blow of the pothole
without damaging any suspension components. All that was required was a new 4
wheel allignment and 1 new rim and I was on my way. Unfortunately, my rims were no
longer available so I had to go with a new set of rims but since these have
just been released, I shouldn't have that problem if I go through with this
again. Another CO Mafioso who had a similar experience with hard rims and ended
up with numerous bent suspension pieces. I guess the saying that you pays your
money and you takes your chances really does apply here. I don't know who came
out better but I just didn't like the sound of bent pieces.

More on those 2Bennett 2nd generation camber plates. They have performed
wonderfully and they look simply awesome under the hood. Being able to precisely
dial the camber and caster has further enhanced my turn-in. The car just feels
like its on rails going into and through any turn.

In addition I just had my Coleman 2 piece rotors replaced with Autosport
Werks annodized hats and 993tt drilled rotors. I also replaced the stock Porsche
pads on the Big Reds with Porterfield R4S pads. The feel is excellent with no
squealing and the grip is awesome for a street pad. I have also been in pursuit
of a rear Big Red upgrade for over 6 months and that should be completed some
time in July. That setup will feature custom hats with 314x30 drilled rotors
and custom brackets, an adjustable bias control, and a dedicated hydraulic
master cylinder activated by the stock parking brake system. Those that go fast
should stop fast as well! Before Scott gets on his podium here, I'm going to
try to come up with some before and after data. Anybody have any sane ideas how
we could quantify the test?

Well sports fans, we're about to get this 777 up in the air so I'll close
this latest upgrade update.

Hap, not quite back in Everboost, Maguire

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