[s-cars] S4 lets me down at last

Adrian Hart mail at red-wing.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 18:23:35 EDT 2003

Well, it had to happen. 117000 miles without a real glitch, then "BANG" and
I'm left with a dead clutch pedal. Typically it's when I'm 120 miles from
home (that's a long way in the UK), supporting little bro' on a hundred mile
MTB race and he's relying on me for water, energy drink etc. In getting off
the A27 I managed also to put the nose of the car down a ditch, busting up
the front apron.

A broken pedal box seems to be the only real achilles-heel urS4/S6 cars in
the UK, apart from the old gearbox issues. The clutch gets heavier and
heavier until something has to give, at which point the master cylinder
separates from the pedal box without warning.

To add insult to injury the best hire car I could get was a little French
diesel van. Still we got back in the game and bro came in 38th out of 250,
not bad for an amateur, and all for charity.

Ah well - get it fixed and then do another 117,000 miles I guess.  :-)

Adrian Hart

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