[s-cars] X-over pipe busted?

steve powers steve at thepowers.net
Mon Jun 23 20:14:34 EDT 2003

When we last left our poor sod, he had no boost. After replacing hoses
with a Samco set, tightening all clamps and reverifying all clamps, we
have boost. Car does accelerate though not at all like it did 2 weeks

Things I notice are increased lag and notchiness during boosted pull
once you get there. It does not have that "snap" that it had. I did
replace the BPV for good measure on a 96K mile vehicle, but really
didn't sense much difference. My sneaking suspicion now points to the
X-over pipe.

The car has had a couple over-the-parking-block excursions, resulting in
displaced bumper cover. I did notice that the X-over pipe is directly
beneath and that one of the mounting tabs was broken. Perhaps it took
some of the plastic pipe with it, creating a small hole.

Short of removing it to do a visual I thought I'd ask to see if this
could cause these symptoms. What say the huddled masses?


Steve Powers

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