[s-cars] RE: R134a, etc.

Joel Rector urs4 at magnaspeed.net
Wed Jun 25 15:01:40 EDT 2003

So to put this stupid thread to rest, should I assume that no one on the
list has ever recharged the R134a refrigerant on a URS4?

Here I thought I could buy the stuff at Autozone and put it in myself, just
like every other car I've owned.  I must have forgotten it was an Audi.  Of
course they don't use the standard connectors and recharge procedure.  Like
everything else on the car it's specialized and can only be done by taking
it to the stealership and getting bent over for it.  I think the germans
call it Fahrveraping.  :-P


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> PS - Joel please, please, please arrange to video tape this..... just in
> case.
> Mike "hoping Paul K's already put down his morning cup of Java" P
> Actually, no, I refilled it about a dozen times since, as I needed ALL
> caffeine to get me through this thread!  Aside from Joel having a real
> to recharge, arguing the rest of these nuances about as interesting as
> watching f'n paint dry 8-).  Wonder if it's flammable paint?  Hmmm...
> -P flame suit on in case of R134a backlash K.
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