[s-cars] aw, come on!

Philip Mische pmische at comcast.net
Tue Mar 4 16:07:47 EST 2003

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I know these are complicated cars.  I accept that when I'm tweaking things =
there are lessons to be learned, and that running lots of boost and making =
lots of power comes at a price - but this, this is tests my patience.

I changed the battery - yeah, the lead-acid box under the back seat - now i=
t runs like crap!   Whaaaat?  Turns over faster now, and idles fine, but so=
mething was amiss right away.  Now, when I screw my foot to the floor, it's=
 like a wet sponge, just won't get up & go.  It kinda wakes up after a mome=
nt, but it's half-hearted about it.  In addition it sputters a little at li=
ght loads, surges.  I don't think it's going to strand me anywhere (famous =
last words) but something is definitely wrong.

How might I have offended the gods?

Phil Mische
95.5 S6

PS I did do the POS spare channel swap just a few weeks ago after a good so=
lid miss developed, but this condition is nothing like that.  Not to say it=
's not the POS, just that the symptoms are completely different.

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