[s-cars] '92 S4 Ebay item (mount it on your wall ! )

Douglas Landaeta landaeta1 at comcast.net
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I like the idea of an S-club welcome kit. With some nice goodies like that,
include those good RS2 write-ups, some of the S-list archives (a whole CD),
The compendium of BTDTs, a T-shirt from Nats, a key chain, a free voucher to
list your car on Darin's site (so you can buy another), a set of new plugs,
an RS2 exhaust manifold, big brakes, Aqua-mist system,  uh wait, that's my
other list.
Enjoy your weekend!
94 S4

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Geez.  What some people are trying to flog on eBay (an article from July
92 Road and Track)!  I give copies of that article (and a few others)
away free to new members of the Vancouver S-car club when they "join".
Maybe I should get them all together on a CD and sell it like the idiot
selling ETKA on eBay.  (Hello!!)

Dave F.

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