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I had something similar a few months ago, and it turned out to be a leak
from the spiggot at the bottom of the expansion tank (where it joins onto
the thin rubber hose that joins onto a much fatter hos that goes between
engine and radiator).  I couldn't work out if it was a cracked spiggot (a
few BTDTs on this list) or a leak in the rubber hose.  There was plenty of
evidence of the leak though, once I looked in the right place - the lip
where the expansion tank mounts to the car was wet on its upper surface.
removing the hose, cleaning all the muck off and redoing the hose in a
slightly different position seemed to sort things out, though I'm not sure
the leak is completely gone.

Another lister had a similar problem a couple of months ago and solved it by
cutting a few mm off the end of the hose and reattaching - the rubber gets
compressed and loses its ability to seal.

Be careful what antifreeze you put in - Audi use special stuff in these cars
which is not supposed to be mixed with non special stuff (sorry about the
vagueness - there is a G00xxxx number for it, but you'll need to check with


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> I have a 95.5 S6 Avant which was slowly losing coolant without a trace

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