[s-cars] Eurolight problem

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There was discussion on this last month or so. Check the archives on
s-cars.org and I think there was a fix.

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>Subject: [s-cars] Eurolight problem
>Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2003 14:53:10 -0500
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>Hi Y'all,
>This has probably been discussed before but...
>Just installed the Blau wiring harness for the new Eurolights.  I did not
>modify anything (yet) in their harness.
>The low beams turn on when they are supposed to turn on.  Main switch on
>and dimmer switch in low beam position.
>Flip dimmer switch to high beam position and high beams come on.  So far so
>good.  The low beams stay on when the high beams turn on.  This strikes me
>as probably not correct but I wouldn't mind if these lights operated this
>way normally.
>Flip dimmer switch back to low beam position and both the high beams and
>the low beams stay on.  OOOOps!  To turn high beams off and go back to low
>beams I must turn the main switch off and then back on with the dimmer
>switch in the low beam position.
>What is the solution?  I would have thought that Blau would have had this
>problem already ironed out before selling their harness.
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