[s-cars] Marc's garage tips NAC

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Mar 14 08:39:13 EST 2003

Charlie wrote:

> Earlier, Lee Levitt wrote:
> >
> > Bikes in the garage?
> >
> > I only grudgingly allowed my (then) new wife to talk me out of moving
> > my bikes from the living room to my office.  They're actually better
> > in the office, but a bit of a distraction sometimes.
> Ummm.  In really cold weather they'll start easier in a warm living room
> or office.  You know what a really cold garage or outside can be like.
> College dorm rooms work well also.  It did cause some roommate stress
> the quarter I rebuilt a siezed engine in the dorm room, but that's
> another story ...
>     - Charlie
>   BMW K1100-LT
>   BMW R100-RT
>   62 BMW R27
>   48 HD Pan

I hate to disappoint you Charlie, but thse are the kind of bikes that I can
actually pick up if they fall over. :)


'92 Colnago Spiral Conic SLX (everyday 18 speed racing bike - my *good*
'02 Colnago Crystal (racing bike)
'85 Colnago Super 90 (bike at inlaws in Florida)
'88 Francesco Moser (single speed trainer)
'81 Condor Cycles Racer (retired custom racing frame)
'88 Wicked Fat Chance (mountain bike)

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