[s-cars] Spring Cleaning Ramblings

Airbil at aol.com Airbil at aol.com
Sun Mar 16 13:40:04 EST 2003

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87 degrees here in chgo today!  Well 70 anyway:)
Changed oil, cleaned k&n.  Re oiled sparingly.
My fumoto valve is now tightened so that top is at about 2 oclock.  It
probably doesnt matter greatly where it winds up, but I wonder where everyone
elses is?  And; was the fumoto washer used or a stock crusher?
Did my third tailgate labotomy yesterday as latch had broken once again.  I'm
gettin good at this.   There is a heavy metal shaft, roller that  slipped out
of one side of a sort of c clamp on one side, for the second time.  I have
bent back the c clamp to hold it an rigged some nylon tie wraps to I hope
hold it in.  I havent heard of other avants having this happen.  FWIW if it
does, the tailgate latch part number is 4A9/8A9 827 565.
Bill m

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