[s-cars] Koni Sports with H&R's?

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Seems like you didn't get many responses. Maybe cause this seems to be a
subject similar to 'what kind of oil is best?' Here is my
experience/opinion. Initially, I used Koni sports with Eibachs on my S4. Set
rebound at about 1/3. Initially rebound seemed too much, then progressively
got less and less, until after 1 year (20k miles) rebound was way soft. (I
did not increase rebound setting) Switched to Bilsteins. Have them on the S4
and 200 with no problems. IMO, the Bils are a bit harsh on initial
compression compared to the Koni's. I still have the Konis and am going to
try them in the front of my 200 with H&R's to lower and stiffen the front a
bit. I've heard that after a couple adjustments the Koni rebound stabilizes.
You could crank up the rebound on the front without much hassle, but the
rears would require removal. I would not recommend more than 30% stiff
initially. HTH and above all, YMMV.  Good luck.


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Anyone have experience using Koni Sports with the H&R V8 (29921) springs?
I'm undecided between the Bilstein Sports vs. Koni Sports on my S4.  I spoke
with Tim McLean at NE Automotive and Keith Anderson at Anderson Motorsports,
both have had experiences with Bilstein failures, best I can surmise is that
it seems to be related to dirt and corrosion on the piston and may be
related cold temperatures.  Both recommended Koni's as alternatives.  Koni
Sports for the S4 have adjustable rebound, from talking to them seems like
50% from the softest setting gives a stiffness comparable to the Bilsteins.

I'd sure appreciate some feedback from anyone using this setup, especially
compared to the Bilsteins.  Seems that all the guys here in New England run
the Bilsteins, I've never driven the Koni setup.

-- Rich Assarabowski
   '93 S4 (beggin' for springs and shocks!)

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