[s-cars] Bearing Trouble

CLAG500 at aol.com CLAG500 at aol.com
Fri Mar 28 08:28:16 EST 2003

Hi Fellas,

  Well, I decided to do my own wheel bearings on the S. I bought a Hub Shark to use to get the old one out. The forces involved in doing this cannot be under estimated. Everything eventually came out and went in but it took a lot of cranking. (Serious cranking) on the tool. Also the bearing on our cars are considered oversized which I didn't realize until the sleeve I was using to press out the bearing started growing! Anyhow, to make a long story short. I got everything back together but while I was pressing in the hub the bearing came apart. It snapped back together fine and I figured out the right peice to use to push on the inner race only. Does this mean the bearing is trashed? I still have some noise but I can't tell if it's the new bearing or the old one on the other side. This is a sucky job to do yourself BTW but I'm sure it will go smoother next time. Not a good week night project. Let me know if anyone has experience with installing a bearing that has come apart.

Chad TObin

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