[s-cars] What is RELIBILITY MAXIMUS LIMITUS for an old UrS4

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Thanks for info. I will take things one or two steps at time. I had
another car (Vauxall/Opel 16V turbo) with a hot wire MAF and ran it
without screens and a K&N filter for years. I was quite lucky then but
had a spare in the trunk just in case.
A question about the bypass valve; can I disconnect it from the intake
section of the compressor and let it 'dump' rather than recycle? My
theory is that if it dumps the air, the MAF will still be measuring some
airflow during closed throttle when changing gears and the ECU will keep
the fuel flowing through the injectors giving a bit of extra fuel as you
come onto the throttle in the next gear. On the negative side, this
extra fuel could ignite in the EM and flame out of the exhaust. Looks
great but not so great for the guy behind you.

BTW, you forgot one item from your list:
9. Patient and understanding wife who shares your passion for Audi
   (I think that they are listed somewhere on an endangered species

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My suggestions would be:

1. Larger fuel injectors.
2. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator.
3. RS2 Exhaust Manifold.
4. Front Mount Intercooler(FMIC).
5. New SW and 3.0 bar transducer.
6. RS2 MAF or remove screens from stock MAF(How lucky do you feel).
7. Ram Air Intake System(RAIS).
8. Samco hose kit.

Stock pistons are pretty much bullet proof as long as you don't run too
hot or lean(1,2,3,4,7 above). The stock rods are good to about 400hp at
the crank. Frank Amoroso got his car to 317hp at the wheels NCFS(not
corrected for snot) with your stuff and all my suggestions except 7.
BTW, Frank found that a descreened stock MAF was good for 4hp over the
RS2 MAF. The FMIC is expensive at $2000 but it did yield 25hp NCFS. It
also improves the longevity of your engine. With all of these things
added you should be able to run 26-28psi with good reliability. I have
all of this done plus a lot more to my engine and I run an electronic
boost controller to limit my boost to 22psi for every day driving and
27psi for playing. I'm just very conservative with my car. Right

Hap, conservin the essentials in Everboost, Maguire

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