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Fri May 2 14:45:09 EDT 2003

On 5/1/03 5:27 AM, "QSHIPQ at aol.com" <QSHIPQ at aol.com> wrote:

> First, this is the S car list.

Yeah and I drive a S4.  What S car do you own?

>If one recalls, U-A happened after the 87 5ktq was already built.

UA happened in 1984 not post 91, that's okay you've let facts get in the way
of your stories before.  1984 was well before the 87 was built and the 87
had the post UA pedal box...

> My urqs have great pedal placement too.  Post 91
> audis changed pedal placement with the exact purpose of moving the brake away
> from the gas pedal.  All cars including quattros.  H&T by definition includes
> braking, the act of shifting the car is usually incorporated into that mix.
> If ones foot is on the brake, get the shift done before 3 seconds is up.
> Thems good brakes, must have picked up the winston cup rotor option on those
> Stasis brakes.

Most of that doesn't make any sense. But as an owner of a DBW car I can tell
you you can do the downshift well past 3 seconds after you started braking.

> I'm pretty coordinated, and sure would like someone to
> explain to me how LFB can be done on a DBW car.  I'm reading definition of
> "coordinated" is doing H&T and LFB in less than 3 seconds, I'm not going to
> disagree.  And I'll freely admit, I can't do that.  More specifically, I
> guess I miss the advantage of doing all that in 3 seconds.

LFB can be done in a DBW car For trimming 3 seconds doesn't get in the way
either. Maybe you should stick to talking about things you actually have

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