[s-cars] Ever heard of this? - Lower control arm 'snapping' in traffic

CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Fri May 2 23:59:01 EDT 2003

Lower control arms do not simply 'snap', especially under
such a light load. The first bit of advice: Immediately
contact a civil liability attorney specializing in lemon
laws and vehicles, and go after the shop/dealership which
sold you the vehicle. The accident, the damages, the car
and your peace of mind are all worth $$$ and a torte action
is probably the only way that such a facility will feel the
pain enough to not perform such shoddy work again. Do not
attempt to contact the dealership directly in any case
what-so-ever, and if you can't control yourself enough to
do that, tape every conversation with them, with their
attorneys, and make sure you get the adjustors' comments on
tape as well when the car is inspected by the insurance

Oh, and please, for the sake of the rest of us, tell us
which shop/dealership you obtained this nightmare from...

This kind of thing is very unlike Audi's and it needs to be
explained that it is obviously the fault of human error at
the local shop/dealership, and not the type of products the
Audi factory puts forth. Whether the car was in a bad
accident previously, and was not repaired correctly, or if
the parts installed were used and questionable, or if the
repair simply wasn't carried out, either way the full
liability needs to lie with the responsible party.

Usually I dislike attorneys, but for cases such as this, it
is the only way to make a corporation (such as a
dealership) feel the pain adequately to prevent them from
repeating this kind of carelessness before it actually
kills someone.

Sorry about your misfortune,
=-= Marc Glasgow


Last Friday I'm driving to a job at about 4:30pm on the Henry Hudson
Pkwy in
NYC.  Stop and go traffic.  I'm moving about 25 mph in the right lane
when a
van cuts into my lane from the center lane (which was stopped at the
I hit my brakes to slow down (no danger, plenty of time to stop) when I
a clank and my car suddenly lurches uncontrollably to the left,
scraping the
right front of a blue escort along my two drivers side doors and then
hitting the right front quarter panel of a limo in the left lane with my
drivers side front quarter panel and scraping along the limo's
side doors.  Noboby hurt, thank god.  Turns out the passenger side lower
control arm snapped causing the car to lurch to the left.  I've owned
car two months (just received the title in the mail today).  The lower
control arms were supposedly replaced by the dealer I purchased it from.

End result is the car is a total loss.  I don't know yet what the
co. will give me for it.  I have nowhere to keep the car to part it out
or I

Anyone ever heard of such a mechanical failure on these cars?  Kind of
scary.  Thank god I wasn't driving 70mph with my pregnant wife or
son (12 days) in the car.  I'm fighting hard to feel good enough to
another Audi.  Just though I'd share.  Any BTDT's or advice most

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