[s-cars] Stiff clutch, leg's getting a workout!

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This was just posted from Keith on the 200 list:

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

 The reason a clutch feels the way it does involves how close to "center"
diaphragm arms are on the pressure plate and thats a function of clutch

 The center or breakover point of the pressure plate diaphragm is the point
of max resistance. Its very like a compound bow, when you begin pulling the
bowstring the effort required increases until you get to the breakover
once past that point effort drastically decreases. A new clutch disc is
enough to keep the pressure plate very close to its breakover point. As the
clutch wears it gets thinner and requires you to move the pedal further to
reach the breakover point. Eventually the clutch gets so thin that you never
reach the breakover point of the pressure plate. You feel this effect in the
pedal as stiff at the top and easy at the bottom when new and easy at the
and stiff at the bottom when old.

 Sorry for the poor explanation but its the best I can do without drawings.

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> Hey Sean,
>   The stiff clutch is related to age and wear.

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