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Sun May 4 23:12:45 EDT 2003

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I managed to get out to Summit Racing (a few miles from my house) Saturday
night to watch the One Lap parade of cars come in to the checkpoint there.
Managed to meet and talk with Trevor over the engine of his 93 S4.  He
pointed out the hose that was leaking, told me about the fuel pump issue on
the way to the start, etc. etc.  He said the hose was leaking but didn't seem
terribly concerned about exhaust temps at that moment.  Of course, being a
terrible mechanic, I was able to offer no assistance whatsoever, but he and
his brother seem to be having a great time!

If you get the chance to see a One Lap event or a checkpoint, I highly
recommend it -- it's a blast!  Everyone was hanging around, waiting for the
Lambo Diablo, but he was running late as he'd smased into the wall at the
Glen.  Also got to talk to the owner and driver of a Ford Festiva SHOgun,
numerous big-dollar 911s, Vipers and a boatload of Corvettes, a whole
complement of BMW 5s and M Coupes and Roadsters -- even three young guys from
Canada running an old A3 Jetta turbo.  It was just a hoot!

Also was surprised when Tony Swan from Car and Driver pulled in right next to
my M Roadster and hopped out of the official Car and Driver entry -- a
Porsche Cayenne Turbo.  Not much of a track car, he said, but great on the

So, if you want the chance to see lots of big dollar sports cars, many of
them towing trailers and most of them driven by the friendliest total whack
jobs and adrenaline junkies you'll ever meet, One Lap is your chance!

Chris Eck
(ex) 93 S4
99 M Roadster

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