[s-cars] sputter and moan

OLYLLER at aol.com OLYLLER at aol.com
Mon May 5 17:50:41 EDT 2003

J-Ellis in Atl, still has my S6, (+3wks). They still aren't sure why the car sputters at 3000rpm. when it went it in, it smoked and sputtered.

1 coil pack, 1 stage output module and about $1K later, I pick the car up and can't get around the corner and the thing still sputters. Today I went by and they said.....we're not sure what's the cause!

What the f@#$% am I paying for....and of course the 1 Choice Xtend warranty doesn't cover the pack or the OSM.

Not a Clue.......

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