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Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
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As an FYI, I installed the following "sport suspension"
springs on my S6 last summer:

Front: 4A0 411 105 R   1 silver, 2 violet
Rear: 4A5 511 115 AG  1 yellow, 3 blue

The fronts are for '93-'94 AAN with air cond & manual
tranny, or S6 plus without air cond.
Inteestingly, '92's show the same part number but the
color code was 1 yellow, 3 blue like the North American '92's.

As Chris mentioned, the rears are for all 92-97 sedans
with sport suspension.

I like these springs a lot. There was very little body drop
that I could observe, probably less than 10mm.
No problem aligning to spec with standard camber plates.

I put on Bilstein HD's front and rear. On the rear I noticed
that the HD's kept the spring loaded enough on the spring
mounts at full extension to prevent it from ever shifting
off the mounts. However, there was not all that much
extra margin with the shorter free length of these springs.
So I believe that the Bilstein Sports should be OK too.
(I had Sports on hand just in case I changed my mind.)

Not having the proper fixturing or setup to test the
spring rate with enough loading to get past the
"end effects", I came up with some calculated values
last year:

Rear  4A5 511 115 AG   1 yellow, 3 blue
0.540" wire diameter
4.6" outside diameter  (4.6-0.54 = 4.06" mean diameter)
12.0" free length end-to-end
10.25" estimated active coil length
6 active coil turns  (8 total turns)
Calculated spring rate = 304 lb / inch assuming spring
steel of  11.5 x 10E6 psi modulus

Front  4A0 411 105 R  1 silver, 2 violet
0.635" wire diameter
7.0" outside diameter  (7.0-0.635 = 6.365" mean diameter)
12.75" free length end-to-end
11.5" estimated active coil length
4 active coil turns  (5.75 total turns)
Calculated spring rate = 227 lb / inch assuming spring
steel of 11.5 x 10E6 psi modulus

93 S4
95 S6

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> >>>What I have not seen discussed much are OEM options for this car.<<<
> I have been looking at the FA parts fiche and noticed several different
> front and rear springs for our ANN engine cars with air conditioning. My
> S4 has 1-yellow, 2-silver paint dots on the front springs indicating that
> is not a sport suspension. 1-yellow and 2-violet paint marks are the
> front springs for the sport suspension for the AAN w/air con indicated by
> FA. I don't know what the correct shocks would be for the "sport
> springs, or any other part needed to switch our US spec file://S cars
over, but
> would like to investigate this in depth as OE sport springs could be a
> option - only if available - hopefully not gone NLA. Has anybody done this
> leg work?
> My reason is that, believe it or not, I tow a Coleman Taos popup camper
> our '93 S4 and need better rear springs to handle the extra tongue weight
> load. This would only be to level the rear out more. I did notice in FA
> parts fiche that there is a self leveling rear air suspension too. Hmmmmm.
> There are some dealers that will order from Germany. The Porsche dealer in
> Bend, OR is one that I know of. I might get started there.
> Thompson
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