[s-cars] Oily "Michelin Man" Question

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Thu May 8 14:19:56 EDT 2003

Joe -

Actually, off hand, I'm pretty confident the IC outlet pipe is roughly
3.275" (2&3/8ths) OD.  Assuming however (a) the car was really built to
metric plans & standards; and (b) people, especially engineers and designers
usually like working in round numbers, I'm guessing we would be more
accurate speculating the pipe might have been spec'd at 60mm, :-)

ID of that outlet, BTW, is @ 53.3mm which contrast with the ID of the IC
inlet which is a robust 1cm (@ 63mm) larger.

Just please don't ask me how or why I might know this "off hand."
Something's, like Reynolds's numbers, are better forgotten or, in my case,
never understood.


~-----Original Message-----
~From: Joseph Pizzimenti
~Does anyone on list have a stock IC handy for
~measurement?  I need the outlet diameter of where the
~hose connects to the intake manifold.  Samco hose
~inside diameter would be perfect.  I think it's 2.5
~inch?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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