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Well, "... saving money..." is partly dependant on the price of the part or
parts.  Is there a price?

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~> Mike,
~> The engine I am building is going to be a 2.3l using the 7A as a
~> point. My plan is to use the following:
.... snip the particulars of Mark's 7A 2.3L motor build up plan & mods

~> I have not decided on the throttle body yet. Are there
~alternatives to the ~> stock Audi units (i.e. larger diameter)?

I don't know Mark.  There is an outfit that claims to be able to "rework"
stock throttle bodies for a ??? (they got kind of cagey when pressed for
specifics) improvement in flow.  Nothing I've seen specific to the Audi TB,
but there is some stuff out there on VW, especially the V6, TB's.

~> Did anybody look further into the IMSA parts the guy in Germany had for
~> sale?

I don't recall the specifics of this.  Was there something specific to the
TB on the IMSA parts list?

Off hand, I don't know how much improvement one can get out of the TB,
without some corresponding change/improvement in the intake manifold too.
FWIW, an extrude honed AAN intake manifold TB entry is @

   -  66.84 to 67.31 +/- @ 1/10th or so in diameter (the inlet may no longer
be perfectly round as a possible side effect of the extrude hone process);

   -  Extrude honing, if I recall &/or measured the stock IM correctly, at
least in my case, increased each individual port runner @ 1mm in size all
directions, i.e. 46.xx mm by 32.1x mm

   -  so, by extrapolation (maybe some one who has a bone stock AAN intake
manifold can check this) I think a stock IM is/was/would have been @ 64mm in
diameter at the TB mount?  Yes? No? Maybe?

   - the TB itself looks to me like it measures @ 65.5xmm in diameter at the
mount to the intake manifold.

   - so, with the extrude hone IM one might be able to benefit from an
additional 1.3mm to ?? 1.8mm (66.84 or 67.3 less the stock TB 65.5) increase
in TB diameter.

   - which, if my math skills (always suspect) are correct is @ a .22 to .3
square inch improvement over the stock 65.5mm TB's 5.222 "gross" ** square
inches of area?

** by "Gross" I'm guessing there needs to be some deduction in "gross" area
for the TB's (a) throttle plate, (b) beefy axis on which the plate rotates;
and (c) the mysterious "wedge" on the trailing edge of the throttle plate.

~> Mark E. Siggelkow
~> '90 RSCoupe (project)

... snips ....

and Rod H suggested Mark consider:
~Save some money and buy mine w/5 sets of chips and the best of everything
~with a good 6 speed and goodies like full instrumentation, etc. I
~am buying
~the salvage within the week and will have all- Total grpound up build
~starting w/20k block and tranny - custom ported head - head and pistons
~thermal treated - all less than 15,000 mi. since rebuild. Custom tuned on
~dyno by German individual. Dyno sheets to 380 hp at wheels with power from
~3400-8000rpm. I have video of part of the dyno session. All
~silicone hoses,
~custom pieces and dress up parts included.

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