[s-cars] Avant rear hatch shocks

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
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Assuming the Avant hatch struts are built the same way
as the sedan trunk struts, you just have to stick a screwdriver
blade through the little slot under the clip and push the
screwdriver handle towards the strut to pry the clip up.
Keep prying on the clip and you should be able to easily
pull the strut off the metal ball.


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I bought some new rear hatch shocks for the rear liftgate on my wagon from
Rod and I can see basically how they attach, but for some reason, I cannot
figure out how to remove the old ones.  It looks like it's basically
attached at both ends by a ball-joint and a little retaining clip.  I
removed the retaining clip at the top, but cannot get the old one loosened
and remove it.

Any BTDT or advice on procedure would be appreciated.  Would like to replace
them this weekend.

'95 S6 Avant (Europa/ecru)
'87 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 (aka "ski bitch")
Seattle, WA


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